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Mugshot Image Samples - Meet specs

Specifications are defined in this topic of the Mugshot FAQ page. VSP would like to maintain a database of consistent images as it enables law enforcement agencies to more easily pick from images; differing backgrounds, poor lighting, zoom and focus problems can affect how the image is viewed - for instance, in a lineup.

For an example of standard images in a database, see the Monroe County, Florida database here.

Mugshot Image Samples - Do not meet specs

This image needs to be zoomed in quite a bit and is too dark. The background appears to be blue (may be the lighting).

This image is pretty good - nice background. The head could be a little wider (zoom in) and the shadows on the side of the face can be eliminated by another lighting point on that side. The shadows on the background can be eliminated by moving some of the lighting and bringing the individual away from the wall when taking the picture.

The background is not 18% gray, there is personal information in the photo, the head needs to be wider in the image (needs to be zoomed in) and the lighting is poor.

Similar to the first one (the clouds are nice but aren't 18% gray).

Background is ok, head is centered and is about 50% of the width of the image but the lighting needs some work - the image is a bit dark



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